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carbon-reduction-logoZeroCarbonTarget borned thanks to the high need of sustainability by the Organizations and by the increasing demand of the energy /environmental market that considers the entire life cycle, not just related to the production site. The lack on the market of a clear, defined path with technical-scientific bases useful for reaching and communicating certain objectives, led to the creation of a defined path and regulated by a specification, with set targets certifiable by an accredited third party.

ZCT pushes companies into emission reduction projects by focusing on energy efficiency and not just OFFSET. The service characteristics protect the customer from the risk of attacking for "greenwashing" by stakeholders.

Who is it for?
Energy Manager, Sustainability Manager, entrepreneurs and all the functions involved in reducing the company's carbon emissions and energy costs.

What are we going to talk about during our meeting/call?:

- Why was it born?

- Why choosing it?
- Path and benefits
- Specification deepen study
- Envisaged target and labels
- Study cases
- Your business proposal

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